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Hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Jennifer Derasmo, and I am a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian RD, LD.  I have developed a program that offers my clients the accountability, emotional support, and inspiration needed to make a true shift in change, not just in appearance but in your overall lifestyle and spirit. 

I am so passionate about helping people shift their mindset to get better results with their health and wellness so they can live longer and enjoy life in the present. I am here to help you navigate through this and gain back years of your life looking and feeling great! You might be someone who is always on-the-go or struggling to find the time or motivation to eat well, meal prep, and workout. I can help you!! 

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About Jennifer Derasmo RD, LD

I am a dietitian who gets very excited about helping others transform their lives that struggle with their weight and health issues for so many years. I know first-hand how frustrating weight loss can be. I spent over 20 years yo-yo dieting trying to figure it out myself. I finally decided to go back to school to become a Dietitian to be able to learn the science behind it. I know what it takes to maintain a healthy weight, feel proud about my progress and dedication, so I can continue to enjoy my favorite foods! I want nothing more than to support others achieve the same success with my proven strategies and tip and tricks.

I help people improve their health and well-being by shifting their mindset with some specific tools which gets me excited each and every day. You are capable of change and deserve to transform your health and have a longer healthspan (time without any illness or diseases). What makes me different is that I can help you see all the good you have and build upon that with time and long-lasting changes instead of the yo-yo dieting that
most people fail on. 

With over 9 years of experience in the dietetics field, I have helped hundreds of people decrease their medications or completely eliminate their medications and finally say goodbye that stubborn weight they been trying to get off for so many years.  In addition, I have over 100+ hours of volunteering in the community of Las Vegas, Nevada working with people of all ages with many topics in health and nutrition.

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